Mind the gap: between the idyllic images and the daily reality of moving to and living in Gotland. Life stories of ‘nyinflyttade’.

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Mind the gap: between the idyllic images and the daily reality of moving to and living in Gotland. Life stories of ‘nyinflyttade’.
From 2015 through 2018, Inflyttarbyrån Gotland, part of Region Gotland’s strategic plan to boost the number of perspective people moving to Gotland launched Inspirationshelg, whose aim was to inform and inspire those who were thinking of moving to Gotland permanently. The three-days event would showcase perspective new residents some of the most iconic places on the island, share practical information about moving to Gotland, and answer their questions about life on the island.
Recent statistics shows that the number of permanent residents has increased in the past five years, but there is no study on what happened to them after they moved to the island. The proposed study aims to expand and critically analyse the ‘backstage’ of life in Gotland for those who moved following Inspirationshelg.
This qualitative study consists of max ten semi-structured, in-depth interviews with national and foreign residents who moved to Gotland after participating in Inspirationshelg. The interviews will focus in particular on the following themes; social and cultural life, job opportunities, accommodation, infrastructures, shopping, tourism, characteristics and aspects of Gotlandic life and people’s way of life and mentality that have affected new residents’ life.
Results will be published in a peer-review journal and made available to Region Gotland in the form of a report. Upon request, the author will present and discuss the results in public settings.
Oktober 2021
Total amount sought for the project: 10,000sek.
Details: 3,000 sek for biogas to go around and interview people around the island, drive to Visby for research and presenting of results.
7,000sek compensation to the author for the research, which includes the author’s time for interviewing, researching, writing, and disseminating the results of the study.
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